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Our Face Painting Journey

Many long years ago the artist tried to start a mural painting business. Though she did get the opportunity to paint quite a few murals, the business itself never really took off. 

In 2019 she volunteered for a field day event at a local school. There were 'face paints' there and the artist and a number of parents, teachers and para educators painted over 300 kids in a few hours. Though the quality of the paint was lacking, she enjoyed it so much that she bought red, green, black and white professional pots of Tag paint. She has been volunteering and getting better every year. 

During the pandemic she taught herself how to create bling. 

Coming back in 2020 the free events started stacking up. Soon she was booked for free events nearly every month. What we noticed as a free service was that the more things we agreed to do the better the design quality was. This increased the length of our line to one that ended sometimes well over an hour after the event was done.

I switch to we here because my husband also attends these events with me and is involved in every aspect of the business.

When we started having angry parents due to unexpected wait times we realized what had worked for us in the past was no longer working well for us. We tried many different ways to mitigate the line but the only thing that actually 'worked' for us happened after we decided finally to make the work into an actual business. 

We decided to create prime designs from the beginning. We did not want to attend every event and we chose not to take any private work for the first active year. We are attempting this year 2024 to only attend events most relevant to our goals as a business. 

As a business we are exponentially increasing our designs that are most popular into full lines. We have been taking our clients advice fairly frequently so that we are joyfully in touch with them and their needs. 

For me, this has been a very fun endeavor though so much work. I don't mind, preparing for the summer takes me all winter and my list of 2 Dos is so very long. 

Our most unexpected situation from the first year was repeat customers. Even multiple days at the same event repeat customers. Because we have static designs we do not create on the fly face paintings in general. We had to create new designs in the busy season because we were trying to be prepared for more repeat business. 

If you are looking to book services with us please know that we fully book ourselves through the summer and only have availability from October-May of any given year.

We would look to withdrawing from a large festival during the summer possibly for a multi day event. We currently are so busy that even in the 'off' season the weeks might stretch to 60 hour work weeks. 

Recommendation: book summer events 6 months ahead.

Side Lights line shown in a collage
Cute Pegasus face paint on toddler
Frannie frog butterfly face paint
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