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Gig Harbor 2020

“Never, have I ever in all my life seen face painting as good as this."
Mom of young girl being painted at an event.

Gig Harbor 2020

paraphrased: "They said they were getting a professional face painter in. I did not understand what 'professional'  meant. But NOW I do!"
Young man at end of an event where he was the first to be painted (dragon). He came up to my table at the end to tell me this. 

Gig Harbor 2022

"Leegan's first face painting. Thank you Petal Drops for making it such a great experience for him."
Mom from an event.

Session Levels

These Session Levels are the main services we provide and include base prices.

Last Kid on our friend Leegan showing under black light

Blacklight Friends

This level is all created under black light to ensure that designs can present well in regular as well as in black lit environments. This includes 12 Petal Drops

(excludes Third Dimensions)  

face painting options. 

This level starts at $2700 base price.

This is a face painting on a young girl with a mermaid tail

Unicorn Princess Guard

This is our top-of-the-line service

This is the only service currently that includes the option of the Third Dimensions line. Because this line is time consuming to make and also to apply we thought we would reserve it for the premium offering.

This service includes choice of a dozen of our most popular

"Third Dimensions"

line of face paintings, 

a choice of a dozen of our Side Lights line

a choice of a dozen of our Side Lights Boosted line

(36 total choice options)

And the Petal Drops Glitter Bar comes along as well.

The base for this level is $3700.

Side Light with cosmetic glitter on young girl

Unicorn Fancy

When kids get a little older sometimes they just want a Side Light and some cosmetic glitter. This offering is for those events where wet paint is just not necessary.  Just the basics here and would be fantastic for larger crowds as each design is completed in around 3-5 minutes.  Base price for Unicorn Fancy is $1900.

Paraphrased: "We waited in your line all morning but then had to go back to the campground to make lunch for everyone. The girls wanted to come wait in line again after lunch, so here we are. (I was very distressed they had to wait so long) Don't worry, it's worth it!"
Dad of a girl with her best friend
"Now, I'm happy because I HAVE my Gucci face painting.
....Yes, my mom says you guys are the Gucci of face painting."
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