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Digital art exhibit
collage of 4 gargoyle face paint representations

Third Dimensions: Pete, Paul, Merry

We just introduced Pete the Friendly Neighborhood Gargoyle to the Third Dimensions line in September. I don't know if anyone knows this but face painting designs are pretty much girl-focused. We have really been trying to come up with more boy-focused designs to give the boys something to look forward to. Honestly, they often come up and decline to be painted because there isn't anything fun to get painted as. Pete brought excitement to the conversation. If I can be really honest we have had boys go away proclaiming that we need more boy-designs. So we ARE working on it. 

We started with Pete in September 2023, but then added blue eyed  Paul and sinister eyed Pierre in  November. My husband rename Pierre into Merry because it is  a  holiday themed gargoyle after all. I laughed so hard! Our emphasis on these is to be edgy, have blacks, browns and greys, with a touch of color somewhere, fun, a bit dangerous, and different than anyone else is offering on the face painting market. All three of our Friendly Neighborhood Gargoyles are black light friendly and all a little different in general. The boys recognize when we create something specifically geared towards their tastes and respond accordingly.  We hope to add 3 more Friendly Neighborhood Gargoyles; John, Ringo, and George by summer 2024. I guess we will see how that goes!

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