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Pastel Tiger face paint on girl in Union Wa

Our first large event was a fundraiser in Union, WA. Though we usually need to print out a map in advance of travelling out to Union it has always been worth it! We recently got back to the area for a birthday event at a private campground. The unseasonably warm weather was a real treat. The day ended with the kids jumping in the water and letting the face paint just wash right off easily. Soon we will be offering waterproof paints to the offerings. 

Session Levels

These Session Levels are the main services we provide and include base prices.

Last Kid under black light as our friend Leegan's first face painting

Blacklight Friends

The Black light Friends level includes 12 designs of  black light face paints. (Excludes Third Dimensions line)

Base starting price is


Fishy Tails mermaid face painting on a young girl

Unicorn Princess Guard

The top level of services just introduced is called

Unicorn Princess Guard.

It includes 36 designs.

12 Third Dimensions Face Paints

12 Side Lights

12 Side Lights Boosted

We have saved this top of the line service to host our most popular design lines. 

We also bring the Petal Drops Glitter Bar to this event!

Base starting price is



Unicorn Fancy

This service is for those that do not have a need for wet face paints. It consists of 12 Side Lights designs with the accompanying cosmetic glitters.  This can be used for higher volume events.

Base starting price is


“Leegan's first face painting!  Thank you Petal Drops for making it an amazing experience for him."
"Now, I'm happy because I HAVE my Gucci face painting.
....Yes, my mom says you guys are the Gucci of face painting."
Snowy Night

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