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It's not your art, but your heart.

Just like learning to cook anyone can easily learn to face paint.

Just like............ learning to cook

the learning process is almost ALWAYS

..........................a little ugly.

It will have lurches and starts, early successes that lure you further into more interesting paintings.

Yes, many many many face painters are former artists in some other medium. However; I hold fast that face painting is something that anyone can learn.

womans hand with black bee face painted on it.
my first attempt at face painting

I'd like to say this is my first face painting in 2019 but I do remember painting my baby brother Joey a clown face that was pretty special one Halloween. I have no idea if it was any good but he seemed very pleased with it.

Brothers aside, as an adult in 2019 this was the first one I did on my hand in preparation for a face painting field day event I volunteered for at a school in Bremerton.

One more note here: the 'paints' we used on the kids that day were a very waxy stick paint that you had to press very hard to allow the pigment to stick to the face. I do not recommend this type of 'face paint'.

I am glad I took this photo! If I tried to explain how base my level at first was you might not believe me. But now you can see that if you start here, you can grow your own abilities from just about any point.

Please check back as I hope to provide a trail of breadcrumbs to follow to allow you to paint kids at small events. Since we no longer do the smaller parties/events and find ourselves saying "sorry" ever more frequently: I'd love to help you launch your own face paintings.

As mentioned before it's just like learning to cook. Nobody knows how at first but when there is a will to learn anything can happen. You'll start off small, like just a basic kitty and you will be utterly shocked at how delighted your painted child is with your little kitty. And so it begins.

If you are in a hurry to learn please check out miss Ariel Minervini at ArielPaints on YouTube or I like how she says "ArielPaints" just about anywhere! She was my amazing mentor for face painting. Everyone needs a helping hand in the beginning, and honestly I could listen to that soothing encouraging voice for HOURS. And, in deed, have.

We are pacing ourselves in this endeavor because it's busy season for face painting. It may take 6 months - 1 year to get a good base of articles down for you. Definitely head towards ArielPaints YouTube channel and watch everything there, if you need more we will see you back here! Before you go, do check out our other blog on getting started as a first time face painter. It's difficult figuring out what to purchase and this is a very very expensive undertaking. Hopefully that will take the sting out of it a little. You can get by with not a lot of stuff.

Don't be snake charmed into thinking you need everything. That is marketing that is targetted to people like me who can't say no to anything, therefore have to look away! when I see 'new' painting stuff. Currently I allow myself 1 wild purchase every birthday. I make it count and it is usually hugely beneficial. ***I will add in a blog about my last two birthday purchases at some point and share that with you. Both hugely amazing additions to my face painting life, so I've been picking them well!

Good luck with your learning!

Bye for now!

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