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Pastel Paintbrush Marks
Young girl with Llama Sidelight and carnival face paint
Petal Drops Stephanie Side Light glows in black light


This little llama made me so happy when I made her that I sent a photo to my kid the minute it turned up on the work mat. She insisted that I name it after her.

I reminded her that I already had a Side Light named: Steph.

She said: Ok, then call it Stephanie!

Pastel Paintbrush Marks
Fox face paint on young boy with Fox Run Side Light


Fox Run Side Light by Petal Drops LLC

Fox Run Boost we created because we missed doing wolves in regular face painting. Granted, foxes aren't wolves but we do enjoy making kiddos into animals so Fox Run Boost seemed a good way to get back to that love and also keep our commitment to offering a Petal Drops Keepsake with every face paint we do.

Our friend Finnegan also has black glitter over his nose paint. It is so cute in real life, a picture does not really do this one justice.

Pastel Paintbrush Marks
DL4Horses-Boost T style zebra face painting on young girl
zebra face paint on mannequin Side Light DL4Horses in foreground



It's no secret we love our zebra patterns here at Petal Drops! DeeeBra shown on the wall here is part of our 'Too Cute' line, DL4Horses Side Light has 4 related patterns. We have 2 more on the work bench. We are kind of in love with our zebras around here!

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