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Pastel Paintbrush Marks
Young Toddler with balloon pegasus face paint

Toddlers 2: Pe-Gus Floats

This little friend wanted a design that would have taken way too long to do on a little cutie this young. So mom let her pick when I mentioned that I'd been working on a line of toddler appropriate face paints that front loaded the most time consuming part into one of our 'Too Cute' critters. She chose the Pe-Gus over DeeeeBra and the Pe-Gus floats design was born. Our Petal Drops Keepsakes are all hand created so I did not feel like she was missing out on her first ever face painting. I just did the hard part at home! I figure if it ends up being a gorgeous design and they only have to sit for a few minutes it never becomes a trauma experience for them. And she sure is CUTE!!!!

Pastel Paintbrush Marks
Toddler boy with Zebra Rainbow face paint

Toddlers 2:  DeeBra Rainbow

This young man saw my DeeeeBra design that takes about 20 minutes to do, so instead we went with a rainbow and he could not have been more thrilled. I think he said: "I hope you make a hundred million dollars!!!" Now even I know that is pretty high praise for someone so young in the world. What fun it was to paint this young man!

Pastel Paintbrush Marks
Young girl with Pegasus rainbow face paint

Toddlers 2: Pe-Gus Rainbow

We ended up showing this little friend our other two pictures shown above and she chose to do Pe-Gus with the Rainbow background for her design. What a sweetheart!

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