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Pastel Paintbrush Marks
Pe-Gus on a floral rainbow face paint on a young girl

Too Cute: Pe-Gus

So I am fairly certain this design was created when I was in a very Hello Kitty mood! I wanted a Pegasus but not a unicorn Pegasus as those seem to be the only kind of flying horses we see anymore these days. Though, to be fair our 'Trusty' is one of these sorts of unicorn Pegasus.

In this one I realized you can see the floral rainbow behind the Pe-Gus. I think going forward we will be artistically removing the rainbow portion before we place the Pe-Gus Too Cute character onto the forehead. I have been really digging subtractive face painting in these designs. It takes another 60 seconds. However; we try to maintain a low waiting line so we have the time. And when you are shooting for the moon it usually lands somewhere lovely anyway!

We did not offer any of the Too Cute line during summer 2023. But we are going to bring all 3: DeeeeeeBra, Pe-Gus, and Gheoanna during summer 2024! I am really excited about this. We have had Pe-Gus since 2021.

Pastel Paintbrush Marks
DeeeBra on a flower face paint on young girl

Too Cute: DeeeeeeBra 

One day, also while in a Hello Kitty mood I realized I needed a zebra. I have tried MANY times to do a full face zebra face painting design and always I very intensely dislike them. So I have approached my love for the zebra print and the idea of incorporating zebras into face painting in other ways. DeeeeBra was the first of these endeavors to bring zebras into my designs. This one glows remarkably under black light as well. So that makes her extra enjoyable. I never knew she glowed under black light. I have her on a face paint mannequin at home. One day I bought a black light, turned the light off in the studio and flashed it about. DeeeeBra had an extraordinary surprise for me when the light fell on her and I have been hooked on black light designing ever since. 

Pastel Paintbrush Marks
DeeeBra and Pe-Gus on a metal box

Too Cute: Gheoanna

Gheoanna Giraffe is in the process of getting her back up singers together at this time. We will be putting Gheoanna in here as soon as she gets her band together. For now we will show off Pe-Gus and DeeeeBra!

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